Optimize Your Optical

for 21st century shoppers 






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October 7-10




Four reasons to attend

  • 20 unique live streams to keep you up to date on marketing, technology and new products
  • Marketing workshops and new products from big brands
  • Live chat community for eye care professionals who want to connect with industry leaders
  • Take your optical business and your profits to the next level

Limited Time Offer

FREE Upgrade

The Optical Metaverse is a 3D platform that provides a new way to explore optical products. Upgrade your ticket at no cost- LIMITED TIME


Who is this event for?

This event will be useful for:

  • optometrists who want to have an impact on the success of their optical
  • seasoned optical experts who want to empower their skills and raise profits;
  • anyone who is active in the optical industry and wanted to be apart of the future

Our speakers will share their knowledge and help you get familiar with some of the best resources for improving customer experience.

Will I get a lesson recording if I can’t watch it live?

Yes, each lesson recording will be available On Demand and you can watch it at any time convenient for you.

How do I participate in this event?

We are experts in virtual events. We have face to face video chat, on-demand video, live speakers and a fun new gamified 3D exhibit hall. You can build your own experience over our 3 Day event!

What will I get at the end of this event?

1. CE and practical knowledge

2. Real-life practice and new social media followers.

3. Exclusive access to brand owners

4. Boost in your business management strategies